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Well,六彩免费资料大全, here it is: the details post. The contents of this post are what consumed my life for the entire year before our wedding. I was obsessed—maybe even a little insane? But when I look at these pictures, all the insanity was worth it. Well, most of it, anyway.

The ceremony items were some of my favorites. I ordered the glass jars and vials for the pergola flowers from Specialty Bottle, and our florist hung them with wire.

We also bought shepherd’s hooks and mason jars for the florist to line up along the aisle.

I designed all the wedding stationery, including the programs. The starburst thingy on the front was meant to mimic the graphic on our save the dates, but I also incorporated the Memoriam Pro font from our wedding invitations.

I printed all of our stationery with Catprint, using their lux cotton card stock. I opted to go with black and white on the inside of the programs to save a little moolah.

Most of the printing process went smoothly, but I screwed up the measurements for the programs, so the design from the front extended a bit onto the back. Sigh. Oh, well. We included a poem by Daniel Ladinsky, which I really love. (There’s been some controversy about this poem, but I don’t really care. In fact, I love it so much that I had the last line tattooed on my forearm a few months before the wedding. That didn’t go over real well with all of my family members, but again—oh, well.)

My mother-in-law found beautiful sandalwood fans from Koyal Wholesale, modeled here by our videographer:

We had a few small tables set up for the cocktail hour, but we tried not to go overboard with decorations, since after all, it’s just an hour.

The majority of the flower business happened inside, at the reception. As you may recall, Mr. Panther and I spent months collecting vintage silver and mercury glass from all over the place—Etsy, eBay, little antique stores, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx and even a fellow bee. One of my favorite pieces was the giant silver champagne bucket that held the flowers at our entry table.

Our florist got so creative with the rest of our items. I couldn’t believe he got flowers into everything we gave him,6.年初分成/包食宿等!

He even found a place for some random mercury glass birds that I gave him.

I absolutely loved our flowers. They provided such a beautiful backdrop for everything, including our rings.

I was pretty happy with how our table numbers came out, too. (You can read about how I made them here, here and here.)

Our menus were placed on each plate. (Thankfully, these printed out correctly.)

And oh my sweet lord, our cake. The flowers were exactly how I imagined them. I didn’t even want to eat it—too pretty.

Our cake topper was made by the wonderful and talented Ann Wood. It was pricy, but we still have it on display in our living room!

I have many, many, many more detail photos, but you have to draw the line somewhere, right? Ha. If only I’d done that during the planning process.

Did choosing wedding details make you a little insane, too?

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